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About BizShare

BizShare was established in July 2009 in order to provide on-going and reliable support to Scotland's Business Education community.  BizShare is not-for-profit in nature - hence the modest membership fee schools pay in order to access the many packs it produces annually.

BizShare is successful because

  • it has a proven track record in producing high quality packs;
  • membership represents outstanding value for money - around £10/pack;
  • it helps to reduce teacher's workloads - many packs include Teacher Notes.

BizShare provides member schools with access to a range of online support services including downloadable teaching and learning packs and material. In exchange for a modest annual fee, all members of a school’s Business Education team can access all areas of our online services. The annual membership operates from 1 April to 31 March.  BizShare members are entitled to access ALL of the packs that their annual membership fee has helped to finance.  Each year authoring activities begin in April with the first batch of packs being available for members to download during late May/early June.

It is anticipated that the following will be published during the membership year commencing 1 April 2017.

Admin and IT
CfE Tech 3rd and 4th Level/Admin & IT Nat 3/4 Practical Packs
  Nat 5
Practice prelim assignment
  Nat 5
Practice prelim exam
Practice prelim question paper
Practice prelim assignment
Business Management Higher and AH
Business Excellence in Scotland case study packs
  Nat 5, Higher and AH
BizBite stimulation packs
  Nat 5
Practice prelim paper
  Higher Practice prelim paper
  Advanced Higher Practice prelim paper
  Advanced Higher Exemplar Teaching packs (PPT)
  Advanced Higher
Project Teacher Guide and Candidate Checklist


Packs issued as at November 2017

November 2017 publications update - The remaining packs, some of the which are near completion, will be available for members to download before March 2018.

These packs will include:

CfE Technology/IT pack 1 -  CfE 3rd Level, Nat 3 Admin & IT
CfE Technology/IT pack 2 -  CfE 4th Level, Nat 4 Admin & IT
BizBite 7
Case study - Hat Marketing Consultancy
Project Teacher Guide and Candidate Checklist


Non Members can purchase individual packs (please see Resource Shop).


Membership Year 2017/2018 - Joining Information

The following fees will be applicable during the year commencing 1 April 2017.

(i)  Early Bird Offer - Invoice paid by 31 March 2017 - £110

(ii)  Annual Membership – Invoice paid:

  • after 31 March and before 31 May 2017 - £120
  • after 31 May and before 30 September 2017 - £130

(iii)  Late Membership Fee - invoice paid after 1 October 2017 - £150


To find out more about BizShare:

  • Use the Resource Shop tab to find out about our BizShare packs
  • Use the Subscribe tab to find about Annual Membership fees
  • Alternatively, please contact us directly by email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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