BizShare Online Services


1  Introducing our Online Services


ShareSpace – ShareSpace is the area of the website used to provide members with access to all BizShare publications produced during a membership year.

All Bizshare publications developed during a membership year are saved to the ShareSpace area where they can be downloaded by members until the 31 March each year.  When downloading and using our material, please help us to protect our copyright.  Only schools willing to pay our modest annual membership fee contribute towards the development costs involved in producing BizShare material.

BizFreeb - BizFreeb is the area of the website containing ad hoc extra material developed by BizShare (ie not included in the original membership entitlement) and copyright free material that individual members have developed and are willing to share with others.  When submitting material to BizFreeb members are reminded that these materials cannot checked by Bizshare.


When using the Online Services area of the website, please remember that you have accepted our Terms and Conditions (see Home page for hyperlink).

Please note that access to BizShare Online Services is included as part of the annual membership.


2   Are you eligible to use BizShare Online Services?

Due to the cost involved in maintaining BizShare Online Services access is restricted to members..

When a school subscribes to BizShare each member of its Business Education team is eligible to register her/his own user account.  Please ensure that the names of all eligible staff are included in the school membership application form.  As membership relates to individual schools, staff employed in more than one school are not legally entitled to use the material in both schools.

The BizShare membership year runs from April to March annually.