Dear Colleague

I am delighted to be able to advise you that the following pack has now been uploaded to the ShareSpace area (S1-S2) of our website and can be downloaded by members.

BzS0905 Old Mill Hotel CfE Third Level Technology

In response from members to do so, this highly practical pack was written to reflect the recent changes in CfE Third Level Technology (ie revised Outcomes and new Benchmarks). The pack also caters for many of the IT Outcomes of National 3 Admin & IT. (Full details regarding links to both courses are provided in the pack’s ‘Teacher’ Folder). Initial feedback suggests that the pack might also offer value for revision/consolidation purposes in National 4.

Due to the amount of material provided, the pack has been subdivided into 5 parts viz Word Processing (including proofreading); Spreadsheets; Databases; PowerPoint and Technology theory. To minimise the amount of time required for straightforward keying in, most of the 32 practical tasks involve pupils in editing starter files. In order to maximise coverage of the Level 3 Outcomes, the pack also contains theory questions covering internet research skills and plagiarism; cyber crime and the influence/impact of technology in daily life. A Work Diary and Progress Tracker are also provided. In addition to Teacher Note, the pack contains and exemplar solutions and ‘typo’ masters which highlight where errors exist in the starter files. Non-members may purchase the pack for £38.

We would be very grateful if members interested in using this type of pack would review it as quickly as possible and advise us whether or not a Fourth Level/National 4 version should be developed. Please help by sending us a short email with your views. If sufficient support is received a Fourth Level/ National 4 pack will be developed as a priority for the membership year commencing in April.

BizShare membership – 2018-2019 commencing in April

We will shortly provide details about arrangements to join BizShare for the year ahead. As you probably already know, we offer discounts where a Council-wide deal is requested. In the meantime should access to school or council ‘end of year’ funds become available, please email me. We are always surprised by the number of members who access these to finance the membership fee.

Those interested in joining early for 2018-2019 will be pleased to hear the ‘Early Bird’ fee remains the same at £100. This fee permits all Business Education staff in a school to use every packs developed by us between April 2018 and March 2019. Please note that the ‘Early Bird’ fee applies to orders received by 31 March 2018 only. Membership fees for schools/councils joining after 31 March will follow shortly.

Finally, for your information, I expect to have surgery to one of my shoulders tomorrow (Thursday 18 January). Right handed and right shoulder! During the first few weeks my ability to use a keyboard will be somewhat restricted (but still better than Jim’s)! Resource production during this time will continue and Jim will help me keep admin work up to date.

As always, our sincere thanks for your encouragement and continuing support.



Dear Colleague

I am delighted to be able to inform you that the following ‘prelim’ packs are now available for members to download from the Sharespace area of our website –

BzS0903 Advanced Higher Business Management Practice Prelim
BzS0904 Higher Business Management Practice Prelim
BzS0906 Higher Admin & IT Practice Prelim Question Paper
BzS0907 Higher Admin & IT Practice Prelim Assignment
BzS0908 National 5 Business Management Practice Prelim
BzS0909 National 5 Admin & IT Practice Prelim Assignment
BzS0910 National 5 Admin & IT Practice Prelim Exam

Still to join?

The current annual school membership fee of £150 permits ALL Business Education teaching staff to access ALL of the packs that BizShare produces during the current membership year which ends in March 2018. In addition to the prelim packs listed above, the ShareSpace area of our website contains the following packs:

BzS0901 - AH Business Management – Managing Change PPT pack

BzS0902 - Business/Business Management – BizBite 6

Additional packs will be developed during the months ahead and these will include an updated Technology pack mapped to CfE Levels and 3and 4 and National 3 Admin and IT.

To do so please use the Subscribe tab in our site to complete an online application or, if preferred, by emailing me – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Non-members wishing to purchase* any of the above prelim packs can do so by emailing their order details and PO number to me at the above address. (Please note that whilst our papers are very reasonably priced, annual membership of £150 represents outstanding value for money).

* Information regarding prices for individual prelim papers or paper ‘bundles’ can be found in the Resource Shop area of our website.

Should any member experience problems logging in or downloading packs, please let me know.



Dear Colleague

Welcome back to the beginning of a new school session. We hope that your return to the classroom has been less traumatic than you expected and that the department/faculty results recognised your hard work.

During the summer months we have been working away quietly and the following packs make excellent progress:

BzS0903               AH Business Management Practice Prelim (Non-member price - £47)

BzS0904               H Business Management Practice Prelim (Non-member price - £45)

BzS0905               CfE Technology/IT pack 1 – CfE Level3/4, Nat 3 (S1 – S3) WP/Keyboarding Skills (Non-member price - TBC)

BzS0906               H Admin & IT Practice Prelim (Question Paper) (Non-member price - £30)

BzS0907               H Admin & IT Practice Prelim (Assignment) (Non-member price - £40)

BzS0908               Nat 5 Business Management Practice Prelim (Non-member price - £35)

BzS0909               Nat 5 Admin & IT Practice Prelim - Assignment (Non-member price - £27)

BzS0910               Nat 5 Admin & IT Practice Prelim - Exam (Non-member price - £27)

We expect all of the above prelim papers to be fully checked and available before the beginning of the October holidays. Unlike in previous years individual rather than batches of packs will be uploaded as they become available.

Our CfE Technology/IT pack 1 - WP/Keyboarding (BzS0905) is also close to being completed and will be available shortly after the mapping of the Technologies E’s and O’s to Admin & IT has been published (awaiting feedback from Education Scotland).

As the above packs move to final draft stage, our plans to produce future packs are beginning to take shape. We will keep you informed in the weeks ahead.

Accessing our packs

Individual staff in all member schools should have received their user account login details by now. If not and your school has asked us to set up an account for you, please let me know asap. Should you be new to BizShare and require any assistance in downloading material I’ll be delighted to help you – just let me know.

Still to join?

The current fee for a school membership is only £130 (rising to £150 after 30 September 2017). This fee entitles members to download, irrespective of when they join, all BizShare packs produced between April 2017 and March 2018.

We believe that annual membership of BizShare represents outstanding value. Just compare the membership fee with the cost of purchasing individual practice papers from other publishers (and members receive packs in addition to our prelim papers).

If you have not yet experienced the benefits of BizShare – please give us a try! If you consider how many packs members receive and the amount of planning and development time they can save, our annual fee is very modest. If you intend purchasing 3 or more practice prelim papers then joining will give you much more for your money.

Joining? – Please go to and use the Subscribe tab to complete an online application.

Should you prefer to purchase individual BizShare practice papers then these can be ordered by emailing me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Although we have still to update the contents of Resource Shop area of our website, paper prices for the year ahead will mirror those from 2016/7.

Should you require any assistance, please do not hesitate in contacting me.



Dear Colleague

I am delighted to provide the following update regarding BizShare publications and our plans for the year ahead.

1 Activation of user accounts
All user accounts will be activated by 5 June. Returning members are asked to use their existing login details. New user account holders will receive an automated email informing them of their starter login details. Starter login details include a user name and starter password. Once logged in this starter password can be changed to something more user friendly.

Should you encounter any problems or have forgotten your username and password, please let me know asap.

2 New Bizshare packs
The following 2 packs will be available for members to download by 7 June.

• BzS0901 AH Business Management – Managing Change PPT pack
• BzS0902 Business/Business Management – BizBite 6

We are currently producing a series of context-based CfE packs for use with Technology and Business classes – S1-S3. Whilst the content of these packs will mirror the recently revised national guidelines for CfE (issued March 2017), our interpretation of these guidelines will seek to protect the role of our subject within the curriculum. Written to reflect the Social Constructivist model we adopted in our previous CfE packs, the new packs will highly practical in nature and seek to reduce the attainment gap in S1-S3. We envisage much of this material being useful for consolidation purposes in Nat 4 and 5.

(Based on a recent conversation with the Scottish Government, we are optimistic that our new CfE packs [and therefore payment of BizShare membership] may well be eligible through Pupil Equity Funding).

As indicated in an earlier email, all of our practice prelim papers will be available earlier than in previous years. Our target is to have them available by mid-October at the latest.

Although still to be started, we anticipate future publications to include the following:

• Admin & IT (Nat 4 and 5) - Context-based practice material (Admin and IT)
• Business/Business Management (Nat 4, 5 and H) – Practice material/BizBites
• Business Management (AH) - Globalisation/Free Trade Brexit update pack

3 Sponsorship - 2018 onwards
As school budgets continue to be squeezed, we feel the time has come to explore new ways of financing BizShare. Despite keeping our fees as low as possible we know that many schools who want to use our packs simply cannot afford the modest fee payable. We find it very disheartening that the duplication of effort so common before we started BEN in 1989 has returned. We genuinely wish we could provide our packs free of charge. With this in mind we feel that seeking sponsorship at local council level may well be the way ahead. If successful this will allow us to make the packs available to all schools within a council and any increase in revenue could be used to buy in more authors or produce more sophisticated material.

During the last few weeks individual teachers in a number of councils have agreed to help by coordinating returns from their business education council colleagues. If your council has a coordinator then you should have received an email from them explaining how to help and when. If you have not yet received contact regarding sponsorship from within your council and are willing to help, please contact me asap.

Due to limited resources (Jim and me) and our on-going resource production commitment to members, we will have no option but to try to arrange sponsorship ideals by council on a first come, first served basis.
Why we really do need help from you and every Business Education teacher in your council?

Clearly, the best way to attract potential sponsors is by demonstrating that every Business Education teacher values BizShare and the material we produce. Hopefully, the fact that we are not for profit-making, have been operating since 2009 and have a proven track record will all play to our favour. Yes we know from time to time we make mistakes but we try very hard not to.

To help to attract a sponsor we need not just a strong endorsement of BizShare but one submitted on behalf of each school and its Business Education teaching team. If you want BizShare to continue to produce packs – and get them for free – then please help us to be able to demonstrate this to potential sponsors.

At its simplest we are asking every business education teacher in every school to complete a short questionnaire. Not a huge contribution in order to receive free packs in the future. Even staff with little knowledge of BizShare and our packs can help by supporting the notion of a national network funded through local sponsorship.

If you have any advice to offer or questions to ask, please let me know. Once again thank you for being willing to help us.

Dear Colleague

This is just a very short message to remind you that our £110.00 ‘early bird’ annual membership fee offer expires on 31 March. The annual fee payable after that date rises in increments - initially to £120.00/year.

In order to ensure that the appropriate user accounts are set up or reactivated for your school, please complete an online application form which can be found under the Subscribe tab at

Should you require any assistance, please let me know.