We found choosing a winner very, very difficult - the school where the following member of staff teaches will receive free membership of BizShare.


  • Avis Denim


Congratulations Avis.

Thanks to everyone for their interest in BizShare – Scotland’s only not-for-profit initiative supporting Business Education.

I am delighted to be able to inform you that the following ‘prelim’ packs are now available for members to download from the Sharespace area of our website –

Administration & IT
£30 - BzS1008    Higher    Prelim - Practice Question Paper                                                                        
£27 - BzS1006    Nat 5      Prelim - Practice Question Paper              
Business Management
£49 - BzS1010    Adv H     Prelim - Practice Summative Paper                  
£35 - BzS1012    Nat 5      Prelim - Practice Summative Paper             
The rest of the prelims are currently being checked - these will be uploaded as soon as finalised.

Prices shown above are for non-members only as our prelims are included as part of BizShare membership.
Non-members wishing to purchase any of the above prelim packs can do so by emailing their order details and PO number to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. (Please note that whilst our papers are very reasonably priced, annual membership of £135* represents outstanding value for money).

Still to join?
The current annual school membership fee of £135* permits ALL Business Education teaching staff to access ALL of the packs that BizShare produces during the current membership year which ends in March 2019.

*Although curent membership fee from 1 October is £150 we are offering the £135 fee to anyone responding to this email.
If you require any further information, please feel free to contact me either by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by calling 01674 830514.




Dear Colleague

I am delighted to be able to advise you that the following 2 packs are now available for members to download from the ShareSpace area of our website. –

BzS1001 - Nat 5 Business Management Revision/Self Study pack 1
BzS1002 - Business Management BizBite 7

To access these packs, please:

Go to

Login using the details provided by email (if a returning member please used last year’s details)
• Select the Nat 5 within Business Management option under ShareSpace in the left hand margin
• Select the file you want to download
• Select Download and follow the onscreen instructions to download a pack

Should you encounter any problems logging in or downloading the packs, please let me know as soon as possible.

Still to join BizShare?

The current membership fee for the membership year to March 2019 is £125 (rising to £135 after 31 May 2018).

All Business Education teaching staff in a member school have access to all packs produced during the current membership year.

To join, go to and complete an online application. Please note that all councils now require a Purchase Order number to be provided in the application form (assuming the fee is being paid by a council and not an individual).


As result of GDPR the arrangements for obtaining, storing and sharing personal data have been improved. We will shortly email you inviting to view our revised Privacy Statement and Terms and Conditions once our website has been updated. However, the only personal information about you we hold is your name, your BizShare user account name (if you possess one) and your ‘personal’ school email address. All of our records are encrypted and stored securely and we do not share any information with any other party. Cookies enable us to monitor when individual account holders access the ShareSpace area of our website and general traffic to our site.

Further information will follow in due course.



Dear Colleague

Membership year 2018-2019 - New packs due very soon

I am delighted to be able to confirm that the first 2 packs for the new membership year will be uploaded to our website before the end of the month. These are:

BzS1001 - BM Nat 5 - Revision/Self Study Pack 1 (Non-members can purchase this pack for £37)

This pack contains 50 questions sampling the National 5 course content. The pack is organised by Unit/Functional Department, each question is hyperlinked to guidance regarding the Command Word meanings and an example. The pack also contains a Command Word reminder handout and suggested solutions.

BzS1002 - BM Nat 5 to AH - BizBite 7 (This pack is only available to members)

This pack contains edited versions of recent news articles on current business issues. These include:

  • Amazon opens a supermarket with no checkouts
  • 10 significant changes to data protection law under GDPR
  • Why good leadership is more vital than ever in today’s business world

Packs currently being developed (Price to non-members has still to be determined)

Business Management Assignments – guidance pack for students. We are optimistic this will be issued before the summer holidays.

Work on BGE is currently underway:

Pack 1 - Level 2 Digital Literacy and Enterprise - this will also cover the necessary skills required for National 2 ICT and National 2 Business in Practice. This could be used with S1 pupils or for pupils further up the school working on an alternative curriculum.

Pack 2 - Level 3 Business and ICT - this will cover the necessary skills for National 3 Business, National 3 Admin and National 3 Computing. This could be used with S2 pupils or for pupils further up the school working on an alternative curriculum.

Pack 3 - Level 4 Business and ICT - this will cover the necessary skills for both National 4 Business and National 4 Admin and IT. This could be used with an S3 class or for National 4 senior pupils.

All the above BGE packs will be mapped to the experiences, outcomes and the benchmarks.

BizShare Practice Prelim papers

It is anticipated that the following practice prelim packs will be available around the end of September. (Prices payable by non-members is shown for each paper)

Administration and IT
BzS1006 Higher Practice Prelim – Question Paper (£30)
BzS1007 Higher Practice Prelim – Assignment (£40)
BzS1008 Nat 5 Practice Prelim – Assignment (£27)
BzS1009 Nat 5 Practice Prelim – Exam (£27)

Business Management
BzS1010 Adv Higher Practice Prelim (£47)
BzS1011 Higher Practice Prelim (£45)
BzS1012 Nat 5 Practice Prelim (£35)

Still to join BizShare?

The current annual fee for a school is only £125 (rising to £135 after 31 May 2018). This membership fee entitles a school to access ALL BizShare packs produced between April 2018 and March 2019.

To join go to

  • Select the ‘Subscribe’ tab
  • Complete and submit an online application (PO Number must be provided)